Our Mission

We believe music study is the perfect means for creating emotional, intellectual, and personal growth in students of all ages. The process of learning and mastering a musical instrument, and the lifelong journey of finding poetry and meaning through a study of great repertoire, makes music study a truly “whole brain” activity: it makes equal demands on our powers of both analysis and expression. Performing in front of others – cited by many as their greatest fear! – leads to greater self-knowledge, confidence, and empathy.

Our mission as teachers is to instill effective practice habits from day one. Self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal for every student, regardless of their ambition at the keyboard. Students should one day leave their piano studies with a capacity to read and comprehend music notation (thereby being able to learn any piece they want); express themselves through a beautiful piano tone and healthy technique; and carry a love of great music with them throughout their lives.

To that end, we view our role as a support to our students in their learning process (parents play an equally important supporting role, and are required to be involved most directly in the early stages of a student’s lessons). Lessons are structured, energizing, and thought-provoking; we often ask more questions of our students than we provide answers or a “to-do” list. Above all else, our students are the reason we teach, and lessons are tailored with great care to the personality, level of experience, and learning style of each student (including but not limited to students diagnosed with ADHD, on the autism spectrum, and with other unique developmental or personality traits). Pianists in Progress aims to provide a rigorous and rewarding music education in a welcoming, uplifting, and joyous atmosphere.

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