Courses of Study

Private lessons

*All levels of private study consist of one weekly private lesson plus one mandatory monthly group class

  • Beginning students: based on either Suzuki method (Ms. Natsuko is a certified Suzuki method teacher) or traditional pedagogy.  Students of any age welcome, but young students are expected to be able to recognize letters A through G, and also to count numbers 1 through 8 forwards and backwards as well. Students must be capable of quietly observing other students’ lessons, and to sit on the bench more than 10 min. Lessons are 30 minutes long, and parents of young children (ages 4-6) are required to attend lessons as active observers. Group lessons are held one Saturday per month.
    • Goals: build self-awareness, a curiosity for learning music, realizing learning music is the same as learning languages. Interacting with musical terms and notes, rests etc.
  • Intermediate students: students are required to be able to read musical notation by separate hands. At this point, students have basic sightreading ability (including students who started with the Suzuki method). Private lessons are 45 minutes, including time devoted to theory and ear training, with group classes held one Saturday per month.
    • Goals: participate in contests, festivals, and camps, and learn how to be socialize through those opportunities. Learning how to present themselves as a performer, build self-esteem, how to organize their own schedules, learning all the fundamental musical knowledge to prepare for school band, orchestra etc. 
  • Advanced students: students are assigned various pieces from different style periods, technique work, etc., and are expected to balance their practice time and other commitments in order to make consistent progress. Parents help the students by placing a priority on lessons, recitals, competitions, and other events associated with piano study. Lessons are 60 minutes in length, with a group class one Saturday per month.
    • Goals: develop skills in technique, musicianship, sightreading, theoretical knowledge, and aural skills that enable the student to successfully perform advanced-level repertoire. Self-expression through classical music literature. Prepare for competitions and college auditions when desired.

Group lessons (included in private lesson tuition)

  • As pianists, we typically practice and perform alone – we generally aren’t in band or orchestra – with little idea of what our classmates in a studio or other students throughout the area are up to. These classes, held once per month, give students the rewarding yet low-stress opportunity to perform their repertoire at various stages of polish for their peers. Beginning and intermediate levels emphasize aural skills and theory knowledge through games and interaction at and away from the piano.

Early childhood music classes

  • coming soon!

Suzuki method

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